Thanksgiving Followed by a Blizzard!

Republished from the Bolero Group Holiday Newsletter 2007

Hello and Happy Holidays!

We kicked off the holiday season with a great party and Thanksgiving feast hosted by Lisamarie at her farm. Fall colors, corn rows, and pumpkins were the setting. The attire was pilgrims and Indians. As usual, we danced our butts off while working up an appetite. There was plenty of turkey and pies at the table, and yes! We were able to settle down enough for a sit-down dinner! After desert, there was a turkey shoot with muskets and bows.

After Thanksgiving, a blizzard hit Antilia and Sagittarius! Luckily the lodge and ice rink were installed before the heavy snow came and blanketed the area. You asked for it! We did it! Now we have a holiday winter theme on Sagittarius and Antilia ranch lands. But not without much effort, team collaboration, and problem-solving. Ken, Moto, Johnnie, and myself spent many hours terraforming, building, swapped out over 100 trees, and adjusting weather generators to bring you probably one of the best looking winter themes in SL!

Please use and enjoy the winter area on your horses, snowmobiles, sleighs, dog sleds, hang gliders, etc, and be sure to try the couple’s skate dancing at the ice pond. Lisamarie has kindly opened her properties to BG members and welcomes you and your guests to enjoy the area and have fun!

One Response to “Thanksgiving Followed by a Blizzard!”

  1. johnnie snook Says:

    Good Going Cindy. Keep up the great work!!!!

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