Wild Mustang Horse Park and The Bull Pen

Wild Good Times at Mustang!  Wooooo hooooo and Yeeeee hawwwwwww!

The “Bull Pen” features Bart the Bull, and his brother Buck who are hands down the meanest bulls in SL. That meanness can be attributed to steaks cooking on the grill there along with ribs and burgers. There’s also great keg beer on tap,  and the dance floor usually has some hard drivin’ blues or country streaming. Occasionally we’ve been lucky enough to have Utopia sponsor our favorite DJ, ColoradoCowboy (aka CC)

  Moto has perfected the skill of not spilling his beer while bull riding.

The Horse park features the SL Riding Club’s exclusive authentic barrel racing system, with regular matches and lessons depending on available volunteer crew. Trophy buckles and rosette ribbons are awarded along with  occasional prizes from various sponsors.

Miranda and Banjo hosted a jousting workshop to assist our crew to ready for Knight and Dame dubbing ceremonies coming up. All BG members are eligible to be knighted, especially staff and crew that do a lot of visitor greeting and assistance. You do need a draft horse for jousting as well as cool armor for you and your steed.  Lady Chanta of Utopia will be doing the dubbing, TBA. Miranda and Cindy are busy creating the ceremony grounds, while Tonsea and friend consult on proper dialog for the dubbing.


Wild Mustang Horse Park & Equestrian Mall is a build by Bolero Group, sponsored by Utopia and Wild Mustang Estates. The Bolero Group founded and manages the SL Riding Club, where the horse park is the SLRC’s main showgrounds. In the works are sims to be connected to Wild Mustang Estates for trail riding.

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