The New Sims Came Online! Yay!

They’re here! The first four BG recreation sims are up! Moto brought up mountains then started shaping the land for roads, bridle paths, canals, beaches, etc. Our first task is to get home sites ready, for the members who have been in temporary housing since the sale of several of our Azure Islands beach lots.

The mountains created new dramatic view from Wild Mustang Estates



Moto & Cindy taking a break at Johnnie’s & BigOlBear’s future home sites

Beverly and Anya’s beach homes were relocated from Proteus and Sarigon


Charmayan’s house was brought over from Antilia

Marissa’s home was relocated from Sagittarius


Moto calls it a day after digging a road up the side of the mountain

What is the general plan of these new sims? We love Azure Islands, but there were too many rules suppressing our creativity there in the strict residential zoning. We needed sims where we didn’t have to worry about impacting others with our gatherings, and where we could also have less limitations regarding terraforming and builds.

Our concepts and ideas for builds called for eight sims, but for now we have four in this first phase of development. Those of you who are waiting for new sims and homesites with us, your patience is deeply appreciated. In the meantime, we will make the best of the four sims under development and soon we’ll be partying and playing our butts off again!  Woooo hoooo!

Our theme is “Road Trip” with sights and builds for you to visit to relax, party, hang out, or do activities. While we aren’t able at this time to do all the builds planned. We will put as many as prims allow on the these sims for now, until we can get more sims online.

Special thanks to the sponsors of these sims!  Marrissa & Spin, Charmayan, Beverly, Anya, BigOlBear & Maurina, Johnnie, Lisamarie, and especially our hosts, Chanta & LoveTrinity of Utopia Estates. Hiphip hooray!




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