Development Continues on the New Sims

Roads, bridges, horse trails, and builds are going in as crew members work round the clock. Installed so far is the Coffee House, campground, the Blue Moon Motel, and Sunset Tiki Bar Beach. Bolero Group supporting members can throw a party or gathering at any time at these facilities. Use them! That’s what they’re there for!

The Coffee House is a place where you can hang out, play guitar, watch SLTV (avatar television), or watch YouTube videos, while sipping coffee and munching muffins or scones. Just outside the door is a bicycle rezzor for you and your guests to pedal down the roads.

The campground features a dome tent, cozy sleeping bag, and a nice view to the northeast.

The Blue Moon Motel is a work in progress featuring various theme rooms. The motel overlooks the tropical side of the sim, and in the parking spaces you’ll occasionally find cars and trucks set to group for you to try and bring back. Special thanks to Yodo who’s building the motel swimming pool while the hole is dug!

Sunset Tiki Bar Beach is a place to relax or party with its full bar, fire pit, and sandy beach. Touch the blenders for some hefty foo-foo drinks, or cuddle up in the hillside tent.

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