BGPD Blotter

I met up with Officer Gamba the other day at the Coffee House. He had been investigating and following up on a string of incidences involving livestock attacks, arson, dangerous sharks, and a vagrant griefer.

Officer Gamba snarfing donuts provided at the Coffee House

Things started when Johnnie discovered rats chewing on his house. He suspected they were planted by mischievous friends of his. In his anger of the damage caused by the rats, he morphed to Dragon and went on rampage. Through interviews and evidence, the BGPD has been trying to piece together the turn of events following.

Exhibit A – Surveilance Photo of Dragon slaying Beverley’s Peacock

Exhibit B – A beheaded horse in Lisamarie’s shower.
(Gosh could hear her scream across the grid)

In retaliation for a dragon gone rogue, the mischievous ones feared for theirs and everyone’s lives. They lured the dragon into the beach house and torched it. They claimed the fire consumed the dragon for he hasn’t been seen since. The dragon could have escaped by teleportation, so that remains to be seen.

Exhibit C – Johnnie’s house ablaze. Dragon perished in fire?
Arson suspected.

Since all parties involved were guilty there will be no arrests or citations. Officer Gamba stated;

“This kind of behavior will be tolerated. ‘Gives me somethin’ to do”.

Then he took another bite of his donut.

On another note, we had our first griefer on AOS. We’d like to remind you to report bad behavior immediately for quick remedy. If you experience verbal or physical abuse by anyone in the community, or outsiders regarding Utopia sims, please inform admins Cindy, Moto, Johnnie, or LoveTrinity ASAP!

Officer Gamba follows up with Dusty regarding griefer.

Remember: The one thing a griefer wants is a reaction from victims.
Keep your cool and call an admin.

See also: Support – Intruders/Griefers

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