Helicopter Flight to the SS Galaxy Ballroom

Yes! Gowns in helos. The attire was formal wear for ballroom dancing at the SS Galaxy Cruise Ship. 4 helicopters set out for another exciting BG adventure.

Staging area and briefing took place at Sagittaria Airstrip.
Other helos took off ahead, but pilots Bon and Moto waited for latecomers

We took off from Sagittaria Airstrip and headed north

As we passed the lighthouse, the SS Galaxy came into view

Continuing north down the starboard side.
We wave to the Captain on the Bridge as we go by

Not easy to get snapshot of whole ship while in moving helo

At the aft end of the ship, the pilots go for the available helo pads

Moto snaps a wide shot before we walk to the ballroom

We finally found how to get inside the ballroom
Other latecomers joined us there

Johnnie invites us for a champagne balloon flight

It’s just not easy to get the whole ship in one frame!

Baloon Pilot Johnnie takes us for tour of the Sagittarian Sea,
then pops open some champagne. What a guy! Such class!

Bolero Group members acting civilized. Rare moment.

Johnnie maneuvers balloon around high rise aparts and other aircraft

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