Roxie’s Roadhouse

Some of you may have known Roxie, a BG member we lost in due to cancer. She was avid sailor, horsewoman, and pilot. In February she married Wylie, and shortly thereafter she left us suddenly. I rode beside her on horses and motorcycles, but one of her deepest passions was sailing. We miss you Rox!

Cindy & Roxie Barrel Racing at Tumbleweed

Roxie piloting her sailboat with friends Johhnie, Elisabethh, & Moto

We wanted to build something special to remember her by, so we built Roxie’s Roadhouse on top of the mountain overlooking open water which she loved so much in SL and RL.

When you visit Roxie’s Roadhouse, be sure to turn up draw distance and set sun to sunset for a dramatic view of Chanta’s Utopia sims.

Roxie’s is still a work in progress. Once the roads are done that lead up to the build, the mountain will look awesome after landscaping. Also visit the waterfall farther up the road at the peak.

Up the trail from the road house is the summit,
There’s a relaxing waterfall and pool with awesome view

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