Hang Gliders – The Best Way to Explore Sims!

You’ll find hang gliders left out on Bolero Group land, particularly Roxie’s Roadhouse roof or the airstrips. Often they are set to group share or for anyone. They are also set to moveable so you can pull them out of stuck places.

Give them a try! They use basic SL flight controls including throttle. Here’s some tips:

1. Take off pressing Page Up key briefly.
2. Slow down by tapping Page Down for best controlled flight.
3. Get out of a spin by pointing nose down (Up or Fwd arrow key).
4. To get out of stuck area, like against building or underwater,
    Sit the glider, then go into edit mode, then enter 100 in the Z box.
    This will put you in the sky and you can resume flight.

Group-set hang gliders can be found on top of Roxie’s Roadhouse


The gliders are awesome for a slow moving hover 

Johnnie turns on colored smoke and does some aerobatics



It’s no longer difficult to fly aircraft in SL. The newer scripts are great!


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