NASA’s First Future Forum to Feature Secondlife

NASA Ame’s CoLab requested Cindy Bolero’s support for NASA’s Secondlife component at the Future Forums event held at the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA.

Cindy worked with NASA avatars Astrodel Zapedzki (CoLab), Universa Vanalten (HQ), and Caledonia Heron (Houston), carrying out a flawless video webcast and mixed reality interaction at the Forum. NASA Ames Research Center’s video production staff and event committee produced the well-attended event.

The Tech Museum’s New Venture Hall was the location of the Future Forum

Featured on the screens is the virtual version of New Venture Hall. NASA Deputy Director Shana Dale (avatar Xena Dahl) watches Cindy’s webcast stats screen in foreground.

Plasma screen featuring Extropia sim, another webcast location in Secondlife

The Future Forum wraps its final panel discussion while the webcast is featured at NASA’s CoLab sim

Special thanks to avatars Stephe Rous from the The Tech Virtual, Robbi Rockett of Swings N Things for the emergency poseball scripting for Xena Dahl, and Jamie Otis for robust server support.

For more information and pictures: Future Forum at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California

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