Secondlife Founder Philip Rosedale at the Tech

Our RL live multi-camera video webcasting and avatar services were requested again in June by the Tech Museum in San Jose. View a short clip of our webcasting crew in action.


Below is short clip of Cindy’s crew carrying out video webcast of Keynote Speaker Philip Rosedale at the Tech Museum of Innovation’s Tech Virtual Summit. The avatars and the real life participants interacted throughout the day.


Webcast technicians/avatars Moto Gamba & Cindy Bolero
operating video production equipment in the back of room.

Cindy & Moto inworld monitoring live webcast from back of virtual room


Below see the full length video playing on Google (56min) and a 6 min presentation on how Secondlife building and scripting tools were used to design and prototype exhibits for RL in the videos below.

Linden Lab Founder and Chairman Philip Rosedale and The Tech Museum’s President Peter Friess speak at The Tech Virtual Summit, on the occasion of the opening of the world’s first museum gallery designed through an open source process and prototyped in the virtual world of Second Life. 56 min.




Video Showing Exhibits Designed in Secondlife that were Constructed in Real Life at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California
6 min






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