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Biker Sims in Secondlife

April 30, 2008

Several BG members are motorcyclists in real life. In Secondlife we frequent the biker sims for the nice roads, great music, to make friends, and explore the nice builds.

Moto trying out his high prim custom at LIL Sturgis

Cindy rides up to Moto and Johnnie at a street party

Cindy Cruising LIL Sturgis while listening to the awesome music stream

Random hot guy asking Cindy for a dance at the House of Tunes

Cindy dancing with new friend Trebor

Watch videos on Youtube of us at various biker sims below!

Why not watch embedded videos? Because they are blurry that way.
Bolero-produced Youtube videos are higher resolution than most others.
Be sure to click on “watch in high quality” on each YouTube player page:

Click to watch video: Moto & Cindy Cruising LIL Sturgis

Click to watch video: Motorworld Biker Hangout

Click to watch video
Cindy does a Lap at the Road at The Crossroads Sim

Click to watch video
Cindy dancing with Johnnie at the House of Tunes

Cindy gets invite to Metallica tribute poser band concert at Saddlebags

OCC in Secondlife

Watch a video by Millionsofus about Orange County Choppers in Secondlife

Hell’s Biker Gang in Secondlife

German Biker Sim – Kasada