BG Motorsports and Racing Team

The BG Racing team is getting its feet wet with SL auto, motorcycle, and aero racing! After a little training and practice, A couple of our rookie drivers and some pit crew went to check out a sanctioned track race. Moto reported it was a good learning experience. From that, the team can set guidelines for training and competing.

Ken has been helping to develop the team’s racing suits and car support, while Johnnie has been seeking out and testing the best performing models of cars in SL. Moto and Johnnie have been compiling a list of known tracks in SL and will soon have that available to team members. BG Racing Team Founder Ineeda Jewell is working at organizing practices, recruiting, training, and guidelines with the support of Kimmy, Moto, Johnnie, Ken, and the rest of the pit crew.

If you are interested in participating with the race team, spectating, or listening in on the group channel, ask anyone mentioned above for an invitation to the BG Racing Group. The one requirement all participants and spectators must respect, is descripting your avatar. No bling, AOs, HUDs, and turn Voice off in prefs. These are common rules at most race tracks, especially during sanctioned races.


Toy Report!!!

Several new planes, cars, boats, and bikes are becoming available in SL. Apolon’s Cessna 172 and 172 Seaplane (Hydra) are soooo easy to fly!  HD Cruiser motorcycles have improved too. Moto mentioned the new bikes are crossing sim borders better here in Azure. The Delta Hang Glider (Apolon) is a must-have, as well as the Snap Kayak recommended by Johnnie. The only cars that cruise on roads are Apolon vehicles. Most all other cars in SL go too fast and better suited for race tracks. No one’s reported the latest/greatest sailboat, yacht, or speedboat, so if you know of watercraft that are way cool, let us know!

Johnnie out cruising in the Beetle with Cindy and Lisamarie

Johnnie, Cindy, Lisamarie, and Beverly testing sim crossings with multiple passengers in the new Seaplane.

Moto giving flight lesson over Sagittarius.

Moto and Cindy hang gliding over the Junkyard’s Houseboat Marina

Cindy and Elisabethh hold on while Johnnie and Moto race around The Crossroads!


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