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Sailing with Johnnie!

March 15, 2008

Captain Johnnie Snook is our resident yachtsman who competes regularly in Secondlife sailing races. If you get a chance to crew for him, its quite a ride! He has collection of some of the finest and fastest sailing boats in SL. He’s always up for a cruise or racing practice.

Johnnie and Moto with Beverly and Lisamarie at Vella Rezz area

At anchor taking break and checking out nice waterfall

Moto got lost, Johhnie finds him with seaplane

Johnnie with crew at practice


Sunset Sailing photo by Theend

Rezz Day Party!

March 5, 2008

As the Bolero Group just passed its one year mark, so are many of our members!  Wooo hoooo!

The cake was originally planned for some of us girls to jump out of it and dance. We didn’t expect the whole party to jump onto it and continue to dance on it for the next 5 hours!  Ken put on a fireworks show so good it crashed the sim!  That didn’t stop us from coming back and partying our butts off.



Mardi Gras Celebration!

March 2, 2008


Beverly hosted a Mardi Gras celebration gala. The attire was formal including traditional masks in the nice setting on a sky platform. Fine food, party favors, and dancing were followed by fireworks!

Banjo and Miranda