About the Bolero Group

Update 2014:  Since September 2009, The Bolero Group has been referred to as the “Aero Pines Park Land Group”. Sorry this blog has not been updated. Below is a picture of the current Aero Pines Park hosted by Cindy and the Aero Pines Park Rangers and land sponsors.



Founded in 2006 by Avatar Cindy Bolero, the Bolero Group was one of the first, and is still the best in community and active resort and recreational living in Secondlife®. Located Aero Pines Park & Recreation Area, the Bolero Group develops and manages multi-sim developments, and a wide variety of events and activities. The land group is not-for-profit and there is no tier markup or customer service costs.

As a Secondlife Solution Provider The Bolero Group serves several areas, such as live location multi-camera video streaming to virtual worlds and the Web, hazardous occupations training simulators and grounds, special new avatar interfaces, estate development & management, and more.

The Bolero Group also specializes in the following areas:

Region Administration – Sim Optimization
Event Management – Group Management
Building/Terraforming – Interface Design
Audio/Video Streaming – Mixed Reality Events
Hazardous Occupations Training Simulators and Environments

In her 1st life, Cindy Bolero (Cynthia S.) resides in the Silicon Valley. Her RL and SL present and past employers include NASA, the Tech Museum of Innovation Xerox PARC, Stanford University, South Valley Mobile Television, and Atari to name a few. Cynthia has over 25 years experience in video production, audiovisual services, large-scale web portal development, exhibits, events, and live multicamera video production and webcasting, and in recent years, virtual worlds.

Inworld IM: Cindy Bolero

email: cindy @ bolerogroup dot net










pumpkin bumper cars final















stairclimb thumb


appparksignHarvest Carnvial 250



Snapshot_004     Snapshot_009









SL cafe_300.jpg



pumpkin offroad.jpeg








2 Responses to “About the Bolero Group”

  1. gen biel Says:

    hi! i love horse sims games and i came across your awesome website… i was curious because i am amazed how much stuff it looks like you can do. i would like to know how i can join. if you could e-mail me at dakotaispuppy@aim.com i would really apprieciate it!
    -thanks, genevieve biel a.k.a gen biel :]

  2. *$hira* Says:

    i love animels soo much!

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