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Secondlife Founder Philip Rosedale at the Tech

July 1, 2008

Our RL live multi-camera video webcasting and avatar services were requested again in June by the Tech Museum in San Jose. View a short clip of our webcasting crew in action.


Below is short clip of Cindy’s crew carrying out video webcast of Keynote Speaker Philip Rosedale at the Tech Museum of Innovation’s Tech Virtual Summit. The avatars and the real life participants interacted throughout the day.


Webcast technicians/avatars Moto Gamba & Cindy Bolero
operating video production equipment in the back of room.

Cindy & Moto inworld monitoring live webcast from back of virtual room


Below see the full length video playing on Google (56min) and a 6 min presentation on how Secondlife building and scripting tools were used to design and prototype exhibits for RL in the videos below.

Linden Lab Founder and Chairman Philip Rosedale and The Tech Museum’s President Peter Friess speak at The Tech Virtual Summit, on the occasion of the opening of the world’s first museum gallery designed through an open source process and prototyped in the virtual world of Second Life. 56 min.




Video Showing Exhibits Designed in Secondlife that were Constructed in Real Life at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California
6 min






NASA’s First Future Forum to Feature Secondlife

June 28, 2008

NASA Ame’s CoLab requested Cindy Bolero’s support for NASA’s Secondlife component at the Future Forums event held at the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA.

Cindy worked with NASA avatars Astrodel Zapedzki (CoLab), Universa Vanalten (HQ), and Caledonia Heron (Houston), carrying out a flawless video webcast and mixed reality interaction at the Forum. NASA Ames Research Center’s video production staff and event committee produced the well-attended event.

The Tech Museum’s New Venture Hall was the location of the Future Forum

Featured on the screens is the virtual version of New Venture Hall. NASA Deputy Director Shana Dale (avatar Xena Dahl) watches Cindy’s webcast stats screen in foreground.

Plasma screen featuring Extropia sim, another webcast location in Secondlife

The Future Forum wraps its final panel discussion while the webcast is featured at NASA’s CoLab sim

Special thanks to avatars Stephe Rous from the The Tech Virtual, Robbi Rockett of Swings N Things for the emergency poseball scripting for Xena Dahl, and Jamie Otis for robust server support.

For more information and pictures: Future Forum at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California

NASA Calls on Bolero for RL/SL Field Mission

June 25, 2008

NASA’s Space CoLab requested Cindy Bolero’s expertise in live video webcasting and region admin skills to carry out a four-day mixed reality event. The NGEC2 conference was held in RL at NASA Ames Research Center in California (Silicon Valley). The Secondlife part of event was held at NASA’s CoLab sim.

Visit these links for the media coverage on this pioneering event!

Space CoLab Report

NGEC Flikr Group

GlobeHoppin Blog

California Wildfires Virtual Base Camp

June 24, 2008

In late May, a wildfire swept through the Santa Cruz Mountains only a few miles from Cindy’s RL ranch. Many fire trucks and helicopters came to town, along with hundreds of firefighters. In the weeks following, more fires broke out threatening more homes and lives. More recently, a freak lightning storm caused four fires, which came much closer to our RL home.

We built California Wildfire Virtual Base Camp to demonstrate what was going on in our RL for a month. Trucks, helicopters, gear, food, and emergency medical props were set up to demonstrate the emergency response. A slideshow of photos was compiled, and the video screen was updated with new video reports daily.

Secondlife’s ERST and SLFD groups assisted with the virtual build and the display was announced to the public. The California Wildfires Virtual Base Camp is a tribute to the firefighters, pilots, and other support who risk their lives to save people’s homes and animals in real life.

Aerial view of Base Camp

Fire trucks offroad in rough terrain and helicopters work together

Tired and hungry firefighters take a break to eat and rest

Inworld video screen plays updated news reports from the web

Aerial view shows strong winds causing fast moving wildfire.

Click here or on picture to watch video about the hundreds of horses and other animals evacuated from the Summit Fire (You have to watch commercial first, sorry)

Visit The CalFires Website
featuring Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Special thanks to:

lilemms Bebb, Co-Director of ERST in Secondlife
ERST – SL Emergency Response Special Training RP Group
Firefighter actors Johnnie, Moto, Cindy, and Lorianna
SLFD – The SL Fire Department RP group
Wakatech’s Tubeorama & YouTube
KRON San Francisco
KGO San Francisco
KCRA Sacramento
KSBW Salinas