Support – Intruders/Griefers

1. Ejecting/Freezing problem visitors:

In case of intruders or griefers, all BG members have direct freeze and eject on avatars on BG land. Right click on problem visitor and select freeze or eject from pie menu. All this does is kick them to the outside of parcel. Often they are just explorers and continue on their way.

2. Banning from parcels or sims (more about griefers*):

All BG members can ban avatars from any BG parcel. For best results, ban from surrounding parcels as well. We don’t have admin tool access to ban from sims in Azure Islands.

BG staff members Cindy Bolero, Moto Gamba, and Johnnie Snook can ban griefers from Utopia sims. If they aren’t available, try Lovetrinity Johnson or Rayel Umarov.


Griefers, although rare on our land, come in several forms. From those who are just foul-mouthed to those who have malicious damaging scripts. A griefer’s main objective is to get a reaction from you. If you dont react, they get bored and leave most of the time.

Griefers that rez replicating prims usually don’t talk or respond. Their objective is to harrass the sim with pornography or shrill sounds or both. Replicating pornographic prims fill the land to the point of crashing the sim. This is the easiest way to mega-grief and the easiest to prevent.

Preventing replicating object griefing and vehicle litter is easy, and is appreciated if members periodically check parcels to be sure “Create Objects” checkbox for all residents is unchecked. BG members are allowed to turn this permission off and on so their guests may rezz temporarily. We all have been guilty of forgetting to turn it back on and its appreciated if you turn it off when you find it on.   :o)

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  1. BGPD Blotter « The Bolero Group Says:

    […] See also: Support – Intruders/Griefers  […]

  2. Samuel L. Says:

    The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

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