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California Wildfires Virtual Base Camp

June 24, 2008

In late May, a wildfire swept through the Santa Cruz Mountains only a few miles from Cindy’s RL ranch. Many fire trucks and helicopters came to town, along with hundreds of firefighters. In the weeks following, more fires broke out threatening more homes and lives. More recently, a freak lightning storm caused four fires, which came much closer to our RL home.

We built California Wildfire Virtual Base Camp to demonstrate what was going on in our RL for a month. Trucks, helicopters, gear, food, and emergency medical props were set up to demonstrate the emergency response. A slideshow of photos was compiled, and the video screen was updated with new video reports daily.

Secondlife’s ERST and SLFD groups assisted with the virtual build and the display was announced to the public. The California Wildfires Virtual Base Camp is a tribute to the firefighters, pilots, and other support who risk their lives to save people’s homes and animals in real life.

Aerial view of Base Camp

Fire trucks offroad in rough terrain and helicopters work together

Tired and hungry firefighters take a break to eat and rest

Inworld video screen plays updated news reports from the web

Aerial view shows strong winds causing fast moving wildfire.

Click here or on picture to watch video about the hundreds of horses and other animals evacuated from the Summit Fire (You have to watch commercial first, sorry)

Visit The CalFires Website
featuring Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Special thanks to:

lilemms Bebb, Co-Director of ERST in Secondlife
ERST – SL Emergency Response Special Training RP Group
Firefighter actors Johnnie, Moto, Cindy, and Lorianna
SLFD – The SL Fire Department RP group
Wakatech’s Tubeorama & YouTube
KRON San Francisco
KGO San Francisco
KCRA Sacramento
KSBW Salinas

Recent Trail Rides with the SL Riding Club

June 22, 2008

Equestrian activities and communities have always been a big part of the Bolero Group’s cause. For more than year we’ve continued to offer engaging events and beautiful riding sims.

The SL Riding Club, founded by Cindy Bolero in 2006, has provided adventurous group trail rides by skilled guides (also SL pilots, so they excel at communications, navigation, and tracking), large-scale horse shows and rodeos, colorguard units, an equestrian mall, and more.

Below are reports on some recent trail rides::

Cindy announced a group trail ride starting at the SL Riding Club Stables. As the ride got under way, LL network servers on the west coast went down, Cindy gets logged off abandoning the group. SLRC Trail Guide Lisamarie comes to the rescue and leads the group through the forest and on towards the volcano.

Cindy is able to log back in and finds late addition rider at the stables.
She coordinates with Lisamarie to meet up at the base of the volcano

The Volcano Trail Ride usually ends up at Tiki Bar Beach. The horses are cooled and watered then the party breaks out! Wooo hooo! The bar serves fruity blended drinks, and thanks to Azure Islands management, we have a cool music stream to dance to.

Cindy assembles a group ride at Wild Mustang Horse Park. They head for the trail then an RL emergency makes her log off. Riders report back later that the bridle paths under development are awesome!

Cindy and Dusty take a small group on the Volcano Trail Ride.

Two new riders on young fillies do their first climb up to the caldera.

As the group arrives at Tiki Bar Beach after the climb, one of the fillies rolls in the sand and takes a rest. It was a hot dry day and the horses were pretty thirsty. Dusty the Vet examines the horse for exhaustion, but finds she’s just tired after the long ride, and after resting, the young filly is fine.

After making sure the horses were watered, it was time for some cold beverages.
Dusty cools off in the water trough! Or did the girls toss him in it?

Below are some pics Moto submitted from other group rides:

Lisa, Moto, Johnnie, and Liz explore a gorgeous openspace sim

Exploring Acropolis, a large group of garden sims with miles of trails

Moto also reports on a group ride he led in northern Azure Islands. An area that was once snowbound that is now much warmer. The head count may have been about 7 riders starting out, but only the sturdiest riders and horses completed the whole ride. Johnnie had to log off to go flip pizzas or something.

FYI: Moto will take you through some pretty rough country, so beware when you sign up! It’s best if you’re good with SL maps to keep track of the group, or to catch up them with after crashing.

Moto says, “Keep up! Lots of land to cover”.

Riders make it over the rocky summit

The group comes down the mountain into green hillside pastures

A rest stop by the lake. Some of the riders are getting tired due
to time zones, so a few call it a day and log off.

Remaining riders Lorianna and Elisabethh, make it out of the hills,
through a neighhorhood, and across the big bridge into town.

Last stop to water horses in the city park before heading home

Thank you Moto for providing pics and story of the ride. Wooo hooo!

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